ACT Development Consultancy;

While the communication and technology-based revolution that has influenced us since the beginning of the 2000s has been transforming countries into “information societies”, it is obliging corporations to become “learning organizations” that must think globally. In this regard, it is necessary for employees to acquire up-to-date information and application skills in order for them to achieve sustainable success in business life, and for corporations to utilize all the management tools they have in the most effective way. In order to contribute to the development of corporate development need, ACT Development Consultancy was founded in 2015 with a congregation of professional consultants, academics, and executives who had previously worked in leading international companies.

Relaying the know-how, skills and attitudes they have gathered throughout their careers within the framework of academic models and in a manner customized to the organization, our team of consultants creates highly perceptible value in terms of how employees work on a daily basis. Our aim is to help the organizations we consult with to institutionalize, while maintaining their enterprising spirit, and to assist them in transforming into globally competitive brands.

As a development consultancy company, we believe that sustainable success can be achieved by strategic and tactical works. Therefore, we improve the technical know-how and business competency of employees through consultancy services, workshops and the training we conduct with corporations; and we create sustainable development in order for the business functions of the corporation to arrive at the determined goals.

Our Fundamental Values

  • We are passionate about understanding and
    giving voice to humans.
  • We embrace innovation and transformation
  • We interpret correct information by experience
    and we use it appropriately.
  • We always seek the best result.
  • We act with a systematic
    mind that is accurately prepared
  • We respect and tune into life, and every one and
    every thing that brings it into existence.


To become part of our team by participating in the Consultancy Academy training


As ACT Consultants, we recommend that each development project be treated with a particular method for each step
taken forward, starting from the moment when the need for development arises and when it is verbalized within the corporation.
In order to fulfill the responsibilities we undertake in each development project, we can confidently say that we have been accomplishing
the most effective and efficient results inproject goals thanks to the operating model
that we designed in light of our field experiences up until today.