No matter what the business phase;

Having the qualifications required to perform in the job or position and to successfully execute the tasks involved is paramount. Qualifications defined as requirements that are unrelated to our experience and seniority should be developed specific to individual positions.

Our fundamental approach, which directs our Personal & Professional training programs, structures the skills assumed to be needed by individuals around the competencies that are the outcomes of attitudes and behaviors.

So what are these competencies?

First of all, individuals must acknowledge their own emotions and thoughts, determine their strong sides as well as sides that are open to improvement, know their limits, and identify their expectations from life and work. We call this factor Individual Awareness. Individuals can identify personal objectives only as a result of this awareness and then make an effort to resolve their imperfections. However, it is necessary that individuals work in teams in order for the organization that the individual is a part of to reach its goals. For an individual with high self-confidence, understanding the other people he/she works with, and successfully managing relations with them are fundamental elements of permanent success. We call this factor Relationship Management.

When an individual assumes the responsibility of a team within a corporation, he/she is in a position to lead the development of the employees reporting to him/her in the team. We believe that it is the most important fundamental duty of a manager to guide the team dynamics, which are formed by the diversities and differences of humans, to a particular objective, and to lead them. Finally comes the main function where individuals of sales, marketing, human resources, customer relations etc. are included; that is, the topics related to the management of the main business. Our training programs, which are designed with a view to following world literature specific to corporations, contribute to participants in resolving the problems they encounter daily in the units they work for, and in performing the duties expected of them in the most effective way.

  • Individual Awareness & Self-Leadership Training:

    Self-Compassion and Self Knowledge

    Meeting and Session Management Skills

    Persuasion and Negotiation Skills

    Strategic Thinking

    Overcoming Stress

    Body Language

    Professional Communication Skills (Verbal & Written)

    Skills of Listening and Posing Questions to Sellers

  • Interpersonal Professional
    Relations Training:

    Listening and Posing Questions

    Forming and Managing Relationships

    Effective Feedback Skills

    Conflict Management

    Persuasion and Negotiation Techniques

  • Leadership&
    Management Training for Individuals:

    Team Management for New Managers

    Feedback Skills for Managers

    Sales Management

    Brand-Oriented Retail Store Management

    Leading Change

    Change Management

    Coaching for Managers

    Competency-Based Interview Skills (for managers)

  • Coaching and
    Mentorship Training:

    In-House Coaching Development Program

    In-House Mentor Development Program

  • Sales

    Good Seller’s Rookie Season Training Program

    Fearless Seller Training Program

    Portfolio Manager Development Program

  • Strategic Marketing&
    Corporate Communication Training:

    Preparation of Strategic Marketing Plan

    Corporate Communication Management

    Integrated Marketing Communication Management

    Lead Generation Methods

    Reputation Management

    Competition Strategies

    Corporate Culture and Corporate Image Management

    Know My Market


  • Customer Relations
    Management Training:

    Excellent Customer Experience

    Excellent Customer Experience for Retailers

    Management in Call Center I

    Management in Call Center II

    Quality Management in Call Center

  • Human Resources

    Competency-Based Interview Skills

    Competence and Potential Overview

    Trainer Training

    Preparation of Development Plan