Factors such as growing teams as time goes by, new service units, creating a single company culture in the whole structure becoming difficult, diminishing employee loyalty as the generations change, force corporations to define new areas of development every day within themselves. In order to tackle with examples of complicating situations through applicable solutions, workshops provide a very important tool.

With the help of a professional consultant team in subjects identified by the corporate authorities as areas of development;

It is ensured that the subject is treated as the focal point, the root causes of the situation that is the subject of the workshop are “fully” determined, and the employees have a voice in the decisions made.

The contribution of all parties to making decisions regarding the development of the findings from the workshop increases the commitment to the application and the success percentage of the plans. Therefore, we design our workshops with this knowledge and belief, in a way that allows all kinds of various opinions and solution proposals to be shared comfortably, where creativity is encouraged within an interactive structure, and in environments that comply with learning while experiencing point of view. Our experiences show that workshops can be organized on unlimited topics according to need; and one that is designed from the point of view of a master consultant will create a significantly positive attitude in employees.

  • Workshop on Creating Teams to Manage Change
  • Program for Dissemination of Corporate Values
  • Consultation for Identifying Competencies Appropriate for the Job
  • Workshop on Trust in the Team
  • Workshop on Constructing Effective Communication Within the Organization