Born in 1980 in Istanbul, Mert Tınık received his undergraduate degree from Public Administration department of Uludağ University. He completed his postgraduate studies, receiving an M.A. in Production Management & Marketing and a PhD in Advertising from Marmara University. During his high school and university years, he attended Istanbul University State Conservatory, as a part-time Classical Music student.

Starting his professional career in 2000, and started to work at one of the biggest tax and auditing consultancy firm, Mazars (represented by Denge Group in Turkey), in 2004. When he completed his works in Mazars, he was the Director of Marketing and Communication Department.

In the beginning of 2009 he worked as a Senior Consultant in Mazars and managed the operational consultancy department. During his work he served to Istanbul Governor, Profilo Holding and a lot of French originated Company operated in Turkey. In the following years, respectively, he worked as a Senior Marketing Consultant in one of the biggest Public Affair Company, named Kımız&Co, served to Capital Magazine, HBR Magazine, Hafale, Franke etc. then transferred to UFUKKOC Strategy and Competency Development Company and worked as a Senior Development Consultant and served to leader companies in their field such as Mavi, Tam Faktoring, Turkcell etc. He currently provides training, consultancy and coaching services for many leader companies of the sector in Turkey in the capacity of co-founder, trainer, head consultant and coach ACT Development Consultancy.

Since 2003, as a guest speaker and lecturer, he has given many seminars in the main Turkish Universities on Integrated Marketing Communications, Brand and Reputation Management, Human Resources and Entrepreneurship and Making a Difference.

He serves in GYIAD (Young Executives and Businessmen Association) as a board member and Vice President. In this association, he maintains cooperation with primary Turkish universities, municipalities, governorates and several NGOs. Moreover, with the brand of GYIAD Academy, “Entrepreneurship” courses are presented in several universities and support given to competitions and events that promote entrepreneurship.

Recently, becoming interested in angel investing, he became an angel investor in several IT companies.

After his education in the Conservatory, he continues to work with his group of musicians. Recently, he has also been involved in one of the martial arts branch called Muay Thai.